Lien search with a shortage of equipment

We have all heard, and you know well, about the shortage of equipment and the growing lead times from manufacturers. The scammers and thieves know this too and up their game accordingly.

Ground Clearance has seen a big uptick in search requests that end up being stolen equipment or just a scam of equipment being sold fraudulently. What can you do?

Verifying the name of a company at the state business division where the seller is located is a good place to start. You can learn if the company even exists. Just because they have a website does not mean they are legitimate. Do an internet search, especially if the seller is an individual. Decide if you need to be asking more questions before you wire money for equipment that may or may not exist.

Requesting lien searches through Ground Clearance has another benefit. Ground Clearance works with National Equipment Register (NER, AKA IronCheck). NER data mines from the insurance industry and national crime databases. They can tell if the equipment has been reported as stolen or had an insurance claim. They have uncovered the actual owners of equipment being sold as a scam or verifying the owner when all you have is a serial number. NER does not do public UCC searches. Lien search requests going through Ground Clearance are also run through NER. Liens filed at jurisdictions in the United States are filed by debtor, not by the equipment serial number. UCC’s are searched by debtor/owner. By using Ground Clearance, you get both the public search and the serial number search.

If your company does not have a lien search process in-house, Ground Clearance LLC can help. Our services range from retrieving UCCs, tax liens, and civil judgments nationwide in the United States and Canada, to a complete outsource of all your lien search activity. We will work your staff, the owners of the equipment you are bringing into your organization, and their creditors to get payoffs, releases, and terminations.

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