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    UCC - Uniform Commercial Code. A creditor with a financial interest in personal property filed a UCC on the debtor to perfect their interest. This is a public UCC search, not a certified search. See Certified in the glossary for more information. Contact us if you require a certified search
    Tax Liens - Tax liens are filed for non-payment of any kind of tax. Tax liens are filed at different offices in different levels of government in each state. They may be filed with a county courthouse with the clerk, register of deeds, a specific office just for taxes, or at a district or state level. Some tax liens encumber real and personal property. The lien has to be viewed to know.
    Civil Judgments - Civil judgments are filed when one party takes another to court for various civil matters such as nonpayment of goods or services, default on a bond or loan, or workers compensation. The nonpayment of goods could be a job not completed that included specific equipment purchased for that job.
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