The purpose of this form is to file a lien on a company or individual to whom you are renting, leasing, or selling equipment (PMSI). We will not conduct a lien search from this form. You can find the search request form here.

Liens are filed in the state a company is incorporated or the primary residence of an individual. This would be the driver’s license or state ID for an individual. The name on the identification should be used, though you can also add additional names to filings. i.e.: additional debtors or nicknames.

Though it is your responsibility to have this information we will verify the state of incorporation of a company.

  • Requester (secured party / lessor)

  • Debtor / Lessee

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 5 MB, Max. files: 3.
      We will file in the state of incorporation for a company or the primary residence of the customer (From ID supplied by you) - in addition to any other state of your choosing. Some companies file where the equipment is located. Our fee for filing/terminating is in addition to any jurisdiction filing fees.
    • Credit Card Information

      The party requesting Ground Clearance LLC file a UCC-1 is responsible for the legality of the filed document. The debtor/lessee has been notified a lien will be filed in conjunction with the rental/lease of the equipment specified below. .

      If you are filing without the right to file or for fraudulent or other “less-than- legal” purposes, Ground Clearance LLC, the owner(s), agents, and/or any representatives of Ground Clearance LLC are held harmless and will not be named in any suit.

      It is the duty of the requester to provide the correct legal name and address of the lessee. If lessee is a legal company, the lien shall be filed in the state of incorporation. If lessee is an individual, it is your responsibility to provide the state of primary residence and legal name of the individual. Verify with a legal form of identification. Additional names (i.e.: debtors or nicknames) can be added to the filings. Additional fees are driven by the jurisdiction(s).

      A lien will be filed in other jurisdictions at your written request. Additional fees will apply for each jurisdiction. By checking the box and submitting the form, you agree to pay the invoiced filing fee in advance of the filing. A 3% fee is added to all credit and charge card payments

      A copy of the filing will be forwarded to you as soon as it is filed, and Ground Clearance receives a copy from the filing office.