Let Ground Clearance be your lien search department

disbeliefDo you feel like the only way you can have an effective lien search in your business is to hire another person just for this purpose? And what do you have them do when they don’t have that work? And how do you train them? Who has that kind of time?

We have the solution. Ground Clearance can be your lien search department. We will work with your company to get the job done – No matter the size of your company.

Ground Clearance

  • verifies the name on the contract as the legal name, conducts the lien search(es),
  • determines which liens are relative from the information provided,
  • will work with your customer to get the necessary lien releases, payoffs, and terminations so the equipment is free & clear. If there is a payoff you pay the creditor directly. We both receive a copy of the release or termination when the payoff is processed.

The value of the machinery is often what determines if a search is to be done. Some companies search everything that is going to filter through the books to avoid confusion with the staff. Others have a dollar value of the deal they are comfortable with risking.

The agreement between your company and Ground Clearance includes an hourly fee + lien search fees. Do not worry. We have a contract for this. You will receive an invoice for each contract/bill of sale provided so you know what to allocate to each deal. Depending on volume this is either pay-as-you-go or at the end of each month you will receive a statement showing each invoice and the fees associated.

Here is what you won’t have: You won’t have to hire or train or be concerned with reliability. You won’t have more employment taxes to pay. You won’t have liability for the work being done properly.

What you will have is a company working for you that has your best interest in mind and a company with a background in equipment deals. Whether you are a one-man company with a few deals per month, a broker, a lender, or a large-dedicated dealership with dozens, we have a program to benefit your company.

Call today with any questions and to get started putting your business on track.

Oh – we file and terminate liens as well. If you rent or lease out your equipment, this would be a good thing to do.