Using Ground Clearance in your equipment listings

Did you know that if Ground Clearance does the lien search for the equipment you list for sale online, you can include “Lien search conducted by Ground Clearance LLC” in your listing on any platform?

If they give you any guff, tell them to call me. It is your equipment and information regarding that equipment.

It is the responsibility of your company to make the decision of which, if any, UCCs pertain to the equipment in which you have interest and follow through with any payoffs, releases, or terminations from the seller which you deem relevant.

While we can’t speak to any payoffs, releases, or terminations, unless we receive those copies, we can tell them that a lien search was conducted.

If you provide those to us, upon request we will provide a document on our letterhead stating the status of the liens on the specific machinery.  Of course, we prefer the online listing because it gets the Ground Clearance name out to the potential buyers.  Who knows, you may be buying from them sometime and want to know they did their due diligence too.

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