Searching on your own company

We get many calls from people wanting to do a search on their own company and wonder if they should. Definitely! It is always good to know what is filed on your company – or yourself if you operate as a DBA (Doing Business As) and not a separate entity.

In fact, we encourage customers to forward the file they get on to the seller of the equipment. After all, we think we know what it filed but until eyes are laid on the documents, it’s just a guess. You can do that at the lien search page link.

Sometimes creditors will file terminations and sometimes they wait for the lapse which is a minimum of 5 years after the filing date! Notes which are paid off might show up in your mailbox when the creditor sends a letter with a copy of the termination. At that point, it is the responsibility of the owner to file it. There are usually instructions on how to file it. But, hey, business owners are busy people and there is never a shortage of the usual paperwork. So, it gets shuffled around on the desk until it falls into the circular storage never to be seen again.

If you get those letters from your creditors, you can contact Ground Clearance, e-mail a copy and we will file it for you. For a small fee, of course. The creditor didn’t file it because filing is rarely free.

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