Terminating your UCC

In today’s financial world, when a note is paid off the creditor might send you a letter stating the note is paid. Along with it is a UCC document that will terminate the lien (UCC filing).

Many folks are not sure what to do with this and it just gets set aside. Then when a lien search is done by a potential buyer and that lien pops up, guess who is unhappy?

If you email the documents, or mail the copies, to  Ground Clearance we will file this for you. In many states, there is a fee for filing the termination –which is why the creditors are not doing it.

Contact us at 402-484-5071 with questions or use the contact form on our website, let us know in which state the lien is to be filed and we will provide you with the fee we will charge which includes the jurisdiction fee.

By the way, it is not legal to terminate a lien without authorization from the secured party