Ground Clearance helps sellers by verifying the debt (or absence of debt) before placing your equipment for sale.

Verified Free & Clear

Did you know lien search can help you sell your equipment faster and maybe even for a better price? Using Ground Clearance, as a third party, provides a level of security for your buyer.

Provide documentation to Ground Clearance showing you are the legal owner of the equipment you want to display online for sale. If you are a broker or auction house you will need to provide the same from your customer.

Ground Clearance conducts a UCC search and you supply any applicable lien releases or payoffs from secured creditors.

For a fee, we supply you with a single line of code you include in your online listing which becomes a button stating the equipment is free & clear or if there is a payoff. Payoffs happen. It is better for the buyer to know upfront.

Upon request we will provide documentation for your buyer showing a lien search was conducted and the status of liens. The buyer can then give this document to their creditor.

Please read through our Sellers Terms of Service and then fill out our Sellers Form.