Ground Clearance relieves creditors of the liability of conducting lien searches for your customers.

You all have the customer who is checking out a piece of equipment and wants you to do the lien search. What happens if your people miss a lien or have the name misspelled? Whose liability is it if it goes wrong? Do you want to tell the customer that it is his problem?

Ground Clearance is a third-party lien search company. We do research to help find the right name. It is not our obligation. We aren’t the one shaking hands with the seller. BUT – we will do what we can with the information we are given. If we locate other names where debt might be located,  the customer has the option of having us look further.

Ground Clearance provides this service to all our customers whether they are buyer, seller or third party like a creditor, broker, or auction company.

We assist your customers by educating them on what to expect in a lien search, the value of checking for tax liens or judgments, and obtaining payoffs or releases on all applicable liens.

Contact us with any questions. We are always happy to answer questions.