Please visit one of these links in an iOS or Android device to download this application.

This is NOT an App Store app. When you first install, you will get a notification that the developer is not trusted on your device. You can dismiss that message. In Settings > Device Settings, you may find the “Enterprise APP” or “Eazi-App.LTD” name. TAP or TRUST. Then you should be able to use the app.

By choosing to download and use the Lien Search Request App you understand and agree to the following terms:

Without discussing the form of payment upfront with the management of Ground Clearance LLC, your submission will not be honored or fulfilled. There is no payment option in the App.

You accept responsibility for the information provided by you, omitted by you, or provided incorrectly by you. Ground Clearance provides public document retrieval from the information you provide. We will do our best to locate liens but are not responsible for missed information due to inaccurate or incomplete information provided.  

You and your agents hereby forever release Ground Clearance LLC from any and all responsibility for any and all wrongs and violations of our terms or of the law committed by you relating to your use of the App.