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We make lien search simple.

Ground Clearance is the lien search company designed to help the heavy equipment industry do the best job possible at verifying debt whether buying, selling, brokering, auctioning, or holding equipment as collateral.

In the United States liens are filed by the name of the owner, not the equipment. This saves you money as cost of your search is the same for one or one hundred pieces of equipment when being sold by the same owner. It is not possible to search by serial number.

No one wants their equipment deal to end up as a liability. Ground Clearance helps you gain the peace of mind to move forward on your equipment deals. We can even help you get the necessary lien releases or payoffs from secured creditors.

If you rent or lease out equipment – we will file UCC’s on your behalf. A UCC stating the equipment is on lease is a measure to prevent the equipment from being sold as free and clear when a search is run on the seller. We will file the terminations as well.

For more information on types of liens, our fees, turnaround time, and more visit our solutions page.


Ground Clearance is here to help

  • We verify the state of incorporation when the seller is a company
  • Assist you with the information in the lien search
  • Assist you with lien releases or payoffs

Learn more about liens and what you can do to limit the liability in your deals on our solutions and lien information pages.


Be pro-active with your sales

Ground Clearance will:

  • Keep an up to date lien search on your company
  • Keep current releases from your creditors
  • Provide a document for your sellers stating the status of liens on the equipment

Using us as your independent third party for lien searches provides credibility as a reputable seller.

Learn more on our solutions page.


Ground Clearance is here to help

The liability for the information provided should not be yours.

We assist your customers by educating them on:

  • what to expect in a lien search
  •  the value of checking for tax liens or judgments
  • obtaining payoffs or releases on all applicable liens

Learn more by visiting our solutions page.

3rd Party Sellers

Auctioneers and brokers:

Ground Clearance will conduct lien searches on your behalf as well as the buyer and seller.

We will provide documentation necessary to the buyer while keeping the seller information confidential

Learn more by visiting our solutions page.